Online Video

The Power of Online Video.

Less than a decade ago, the idea of using video as a marketing tool online was painful. Bandwidth was still limited, getting people to watch online was a challenge, and media outlets were few. Today however that has changed. With internet speeds ever increasing, the advent of multiple outlets, devices, and platforms, video is the fastest growing ad segment on the internet. Video growth is due in part to lower production costs thanks to advances in technology, the popularity of of video capable smart phones and tablets, and better online video production values. Over the last year alone, online video  use has increased by 12 percent among business to business marketers. And video is now the 6th most popular online marketing tactic. The infographic from Brainshark below has even more information about the rise of video, and it’s online potential.



Big Gas Savings, Another Viral Video from Kmart.

I love this new viral campaign that was produced for Kmart by DraftFCB Chicago. Following on the success of “Ship my Pant’s” they have released a new online spot “Big Gas Savings” that follows the same line of humor.

The online advertising campaign promotes the $0.30 off per gallon deal for members who spend $50 or more at Kmart, with redeemable discounts at BP and Speedway. This spot, instead of inside a KMart store, takes place outside in the fuel line of a Kmart gas station, where excited customers talk about big gas (say it fast and think about the same line of humor as “Ship my Pants”) savings. Billy is back with his mother and father, along with a very big gas truck driver. The campaign’s Twitter tag is #biggassavings. Yes the humor is a little low brow, but the ad campaign does the trick. It makes you remember Kmart, and what Kmart is promoting. I can’t wait to see how far DraftFCB can take this. If you haven’t seen “Ship My Pants”, I embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure.

The Big Gas Savings campaign was developed at DraftFCB Chicago by chief creative officer Todd Tilford, executive creative director Jon Flannery, creative director/copywriter Berk Wasserman, creative director Todd Durston, group executive producer Chris Bing, working with KMart chief marketing officer Andrew Stein and VP creative Mark Andeer.

Leveraging Minute Details. Hemorio on YouTube.

Video is becoming a pervasive medium on the internet as band width increases, and the easy of production improves. So how do you stand out in the crowd when you don’t have a blue chip brand, or you are producing something that tends to get skipped over like a PSA? Well you get original and clever, and that is exactly what Hemorio in Brazil did.

To promote and encourage blood donations, Hemorio not only created a really nice animated piece, they integrated a central part of it right into the YouTube progress bar.

In order to make the film more noticeable, memorable and attention grabbing, Hemorio created a direct visual link between the time it takes a donors blood to reach a patient who needs it. In the animation, the blood leaves the donor and enters the YouTube progress bar as if it were an extension of the catheter. As the blood travels along the path it eventually reaches the waiting patient who responds as the donation enters his veins. What a great example of enhancing the content by integrating it with the YouTube API.

Ikea 365 Web/TV Commercials.

This is really pretty astounding when you think about it. Ikea is producing 365 commercials with a new one being posted every day on the Ikea website over the course of the year. I don’t care if they batched these into groups and shot them all back to back, that is a ton of work. I love the idea of what Ikea is doing here. They have produced a series of commercials that drive customers back to the site, and introduce a new product every day of the year.

The idea was developed and produced by Lemz, where they created 365 unique “In Store” TV ads and then shot up to 15 a day in stages in order make sure they could stay ahead of the curve with editing and post production. Along with the ads being presented daily on the website, a number of the spots will also appear on TV throughout the year.

This video doesn’t exist

Client: IKEA.
Creative director: Remco Marinus
Copywriter: Robin Stam, Monique Gerritsen.
Art-director: Luiz Risi, Daniel te Lindert, Wendy Deun, Sanne Leendertse, Marloes Scheffers, Cynthia Tiebosch.
Strategic planner: Joost van de Loo.
Production company: Cake.
Director: Albert-Jan van Rees, Paul Ruven.