Opening Titles

Mike Brookes Keynote for Designers.

The video below from  was inspired by the animated short that was featured at Apple’s World Wide Developer conference last month. If you are a designer, working in any field, this is worth watching. If you have seen the Apple Keynote animation it might feel a bit familiar, but the message rings true to anyone working in a creative field.


Friday Inspiration. “OFFF 2013 Cincinnati”.

While thousands of people head off to the SXSW in Austin this week, there is another conference taking place in Cincinnati. The multicultural design conference OFF 2013 started two days ago in the grand state of Ohio. The video below is the opening title sequence for the conference. It features great animation, video and CGI work plus really nice sound design. Do yourself a favore and watch this wearing headphones. Now with all that said, one of the things a video like this needs to do is build buzz, build excitement about the speakers, and the content that will be presented. I think this two minute short does that hands down. The visuals are exciting with titles juxtaposed in ways that make you want to see the speakers. All of this is enhanced by music and sound design that builds a certain amount of good tension. This video makes me wish I had gotten my act together and signed up for this conference when I had the chance.

Offf Festival has been a multicultural design conference event for years. From the beginning, I wanted to explore a different approach. Titles was executed with diverse ranges of techniques to underline sub-context, gathering different imagination, disciplines, mediums and artists.

Used techniques vary from computer graphics to live action, macro photography to photocopy art. One single concept unifies the variation. It is the simplicity. In contrast with the strong imagery typography plays a subtle role, placed in the centre with only two weight variations of a geometric typeface.