Optical Illusion

“emulsifier” – Thomas Medicus

This is fantastic. “emulsifier” is a hand painted glass sculpture by Thomas Medicus. The anamorphic object is made out of 160 glass strips. There isn’t a whole lot of detail on his website, but the video and stills below give you a pretty good idea of how this works, and would look in real life. I can’t imagine how long it took to put this together and the painstaking task of hand painting each strip and assembling it. This is a very, very cool piece of art.



dsc_01971 dsc_02031



iPad Optical Illusion Magic.

I’m back after a five-day mini vacation to Baltimore to visit our good friends Jeff, and Sarah. I would have posted more, but all I had with me was the iPad, and unfortunately “WordPress for iPad” kind of sucks as an application. The review of that app is a full post unto itself, but I’m not going to get into it this morning. What I do want to talk about though are the amazing iPad animations created with five static Photoshop images and a piece of film that has black lines of equal spacing running across it.

As you see in the video, if you push or pull the film over the image, it animates. The illusion is really pretty simple, working much the same way that kintescope, lenticular, or zoetrope style animations work.

I have been saying for sometime, it’s not about the technology as much as it is about the idea and the content. I know this uses an iPad and Photoshop to produce this animation, which is pretty damn cool, but this whole thing could have been made with a sharpie, two pieces of film and a light box. If it had, it would still be just as entertaining and compelling.