Look at This. Grove Bamboo iPhone Cases.

At $89.00 these iPhone cases aren’t cheap, but when you take a look at what the folks over at Oregon based Grove are doing you’ll understand why they cost what they do. These are seriously some of the best iPhone cases I have seen. Laser etched bamboo in three colors that if you can customize with your own artwork if you want. I love it.

The cases slip right over your iPhone and give you full access to all of the controls and ports. And the cases are deceptively thin. They add a mere 0.075″ inches to the size of your phone overall. The cases are made from 100% natural bamboo which is environmentally sustainable, and quite durable as well In a very clever design twist with the packaging, the exterior bamboo box can be used as a frame to hold your own images, or if you purchase one of the “Artist Series” cases, it comes with an artist print that slips inside the box. Nice huh?

What’s tough for me is, I am holding out right now for the new iPhone that is due to be released hopefully in July. So until they update the case to work with the new iPhone form factor, I won’t be purchasing one of these for me. Although I’ll still have my iPhone 3GS for awhile…