Outdoor Furniture

It’s Not That I Don’t Like You. Sometimes I Just Don’t Feel Like Talking To You.

Last month I started to work on the backyard landscaping now that almost all of the updates to the house have been made. The patio is getting rebuilt and the back fence run is getting replaced later this year. I didn’t want to do a full privacy fence across the back so I decided to go with a 4-foot high wood fencing system from Home Depot. Now I like my neighbors, but there are times I want to sit on my patio not have to look at them or have them look at me. The solution is this series of tall planters designed by Fabien Joly. (sorry folks the link takes you to a Flash based website.) IRF is a collection of tall planters that have rectangular shapes and thin and high profile which makes them ideal for patios or terraces where you want a bit of privacy. Each planter is constructed of fiber cement and they come in a variety of colors ranging from bright green and blue to charcoal gray. With the tallest planter coming in at just under 4 feet tall these seem like a perfect solution to have a little bit of privacy while making the patio look better.

MVS Chaise. Maarten van Severen’s Sculptural Outdoor Furniture.

Summer means loads of time spent lounging outside. Actually it means we should be spending loads of time outside lounging but most of us work, so in reality it means spending loads of time wishing you were outside lounging. If you do happen to be one of the people that gets to lead a life of leisure, you might want to lounge on the MVS Chaise designed by Maarten van Severen.

This chaise lounge seems to float above the surface balanced on a single bent metal leg. There is a sculptural quality to MVS distinguishing it from typical outdoor furniture. The seat and footrest are made from an integral polyurethane foam shell that completes the support framing by wrapping around the metal frame that makes up the side supports. The headrest comes in leather in a matching color for the shell. The exposed stainless steel base ads a bit of elastic bounce when you sit down and is a nice contrast to seat above.




The Desert Collection from Marmol Radziner.

If you are into architecture, you are probably familiar with the name Marmol Radziner. This architectural firm is responsible for some very high-profile projects including the Kaufmann House in Palm Springs, as well as a number of prefab designs for the Dwell Homes Collection. To say the least Marmol Radziner has a distinguished pedigree in the architectural world.

One thing you might not know, even if you are an architectural enthusiast, Marmol Radziner design furniture as well. Today while browsing outdoor furniture lines for the new deck I’ll be building later this summer, I came across a new line of teak wood furniture designed by Marmol Radziner, that is absolutely stunning.

This line of furniture is stylish, and modern with clean simple lines, and a minimalist sensibility. The Desert Collection features low-profile chairs, loungers and tables in simple forms that let the natural teak wood steal the show. The seating features comfortable upholstered cushions that are ideal for both inside and outside use. The line looks great and as it ages, like all teak it will develop a wonderful silver-gray patina.

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The line is available through Danao Outdoor.

Grupo HeWi “V” Collection.

As spring approaches, I start thinking about the outdoor part of my house. About finishing the deck addition, landscaping, and creating a comfortable environment to enjoy the yard and the expansive field to the south. One of the things I am always on the look out for is decent modern outdoor furniture that is durable, and light weight. The V collection from Grupo Hewi meets those requirements with a stylish fiber wrapped, metal frame collection of chairs, loungers, and tables.

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Grupo HeWi outdoor furniture collection is produce with soft synthetic fibers and metal frame. The synthetic fibers are resistant to UV, and all kind of outdoors environments  like heavy use, pool water and sea salt. This kind of fibers is also a Non-toxic material that is 100% recyclable and friendly on the environment. Both the metal frame and the synthetic fibers can be recycled at your local recycling center.

Solus’ Halo Concrete Fire Pit.

Vancouver company Solus Decor earlier this year began testing a new outdoor fire pit. A simple 8 inch thick piece of concrete that is 36 inches square.  It is now available on their site under the name Halo.

The fire pit is hand crafted in smooth high-performance concrete and is heated using a 40,000 BTU natural gas burner. The unit is manually lit and uses a typical key valve to adjust the flow of gas to the burner itself.

Halo appears to float just above the surface that it is installed on with its base hidden well behind the edges of the box itself. The fire bowl is a shallow concave indentation that gently breaks the surface of the block, and allows the flame to pass through smooth contrasting heat-resistant fire stones.

I love the look but at $3900.00 plus shipping from Vancouver, it’s a bit beyond my budget right now, so I’ll have to wait.

Avanzini Illuminated Outdoor Furniture Is Drool Worthy.

About 15 years ago I designed a lamp that was a simple plexiglass box covered in a wood veneer. When the lamp was turned on the box glowed like a wooden log illuminated from the inside, showing all the wood grain, with a deep yellow hue, so when I found this line of outdoor furniture I started drooling.

Italian company Avanzini has created this line of outdoor furniture that is illuminated from within. I think the photos pretty much speak for themselves here. The line features seating, a coffee table and side tables, each of which can be illuminated in a variety of colors. The line Created by designer Giancarlo Zema, features smooth organic shapes, and is constructed of alternating rings of wood and resin. The resin is what allows for the color change.