Someone Jackson Pollocked my Placemat.

Focusing on iconic artist of the 20th century, these placemats were created by Erwin Bauer of Bauer  and Designed for Vienna’s Mumok Museum of Modern Art Restaurant and Hotel. Beautifully photographed by Janto Lenherr and Michael Stobl, each design interprets a famous modern artist’s work as food on a plate. The layouts are wonderful with understated typography that doesn’t detract from the image of the food. I really like these, but one thing I wish they had included was a thumbnail of the original artist work, and a brief bio about the artist themselves. Something that gives a frame of reference for those that might be unfamiliar with who some of these people are. None the less I would put these on my table any day.

This series of placemats won the 2009 Gold medal from the European Design Awards in the Miscellaneous Print category.

Agency: bauer konzept & gestaltung gmbh
Client: MUMOK Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
Designers:Erwin K. Bauer
Photographer(s): Janto Lenherr, Michael Strobl