Panorama Photography

iOS7 Panoramic Backgrounds.

Apple is set to release the latest flavor of iOS later this summer, and it is packed with all sorts of new features. One of the features that is a bit of a gimmick, but still pretty fun is the panorama background images. In iOS 7 you can use any panoramic photo as a background that will scroll as you move the phone, creating a floating background that feels a bit more alive and dynamic. The video below shows it in action.


“360 Panorama” from Occipital.

With the reease of iOS 6 the iPhone got a panorama feature with it’s camera app. While the panorama feature is drop dead simple, it does lack somethings that other panorama apps bring to the table. One app that caught my a couple of weeks back is 360 Panorama from Occipital.

Like the built in iOS panorama feature, 360 Panorama is drop dead simple as well. All you have to do is tap the screen and turn in a circle. The difference is this though, 360 Panorama lets you save, send and share a full interactive version of the captured image as well as a flattened cropped version. And the panoramas can be viewed on any device without having to install the app.

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Other features include:

  • Share online: Shared panoramas can be viewed on any computer or device.
  • Post to Facebook:
  • Post to Twitter
  • Email
  • Automatic quality boost
  • Share and embed on your blog or website
  • Free online storage of your images
  • An Instagram like community at