Paolo Bonfini srl

“Remind Me”, The First in a Series of Short Films for Vitra.

Leave it to furniture company Vitra to come up with a nice unique way to advertise their furniture lines. This is basically a commercial for their entire product line masquerading as a short film. Then again maybe it is a short film masquerading as a commercial. This doesn’t feel like a commercial. If you didn’t know who Vitra is, and what they do, you wouldn’t know that all of the furniture in the short is stuff that Vitra sells. This is a very subtle form of advertising and one that won’t appeal to everyone. To those of us that are furniture junkies, it’s a home run.

Directed and photographed by Florian Böhm

Set Design by Paolo Bonfini

Narration: Eckhart Nickel

Editing: Barbara Gies

Music: Benedikt Brachtel

Produced by Florian Böhm Office, Munich
Production Rome: Paolo Bonfini srl