Paper Sculpture

Friday Inspiration. Zim&Zou for IBM.

A little Friday inspiration from Zim & Zou. The magnificent posters were created for Ogilvy for a poster campaign for IBM back in 2013. Photographed by Fabrice Fouillet, the sculptures are built from cut paper and fabric. There is solid attention to detail paired with smart copy, and solid backgrounds in vibrant colors. The result is a really nice campaign that gets translated into a series of animated gif’s. Below are the posters, a few of the gif files and some detail shots. For the complete series, click here.

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

gif 1

gif 2

gif 3

gif 4

IBM Destail 1

IBM Detail 2

IBM Detail 3

IBM Detail 4

IBM Detail 5

IBM Detail 6

Just In Time for Halloween. Low Poly Animal Masks.


I was looking for some inspiration this morning for a project I am working on with a Halloween theme this morning and my search results led me the Etsy page of Wintercroft where they have these wonderful DIY low poly count animal masks.  Designed and sold by Steve and Marianne Wintercroft in the United Kingdom, these things are a fantastic solution for people like myself that hate to do the whole costume and makeup thing. The litmus for these masks came from a last minute Halloween invite, no costume, and a background in carpentry. Steve Wintercroft used his skills to craft the first mask out of some cardboard boxes, which became a smash hit at the party. Realizing he was on to something, he created a template for the mask to share with others. Seeing how popular it was Steve and his wife branched out creating a whole series and offering them up on Etsy.













Soon and Igepa Recycle to Create a Fantasy World.

To promote their recycled paper line and the idea of recycling, Igepa Belux turned to the creative team at design firm Soon. Using old magazines, Soon transformed the pages into a bright colorful world of flowers, insects, and birds, giving the pages a second life.

The design team at Soon transformed magazines and print advertisements into three dimensional sculptures of flower arrangements, intricate insects, and voluminous greenery by cutting, folding, weaving, bending and gluing the materials and crafting them into a spectacular new world. The end result was a full color brochure, a behind the scenes video, and a series of prints, showing how the original materials had been transformed.


Iron Mountain “Back Up Tapes”.

What a nice ad for Iron Mountain from Sebas and Clim for agency Velocity. The script is absolutely hilarious while making a serious point about archiving your data properly. Sebas and Clim worked with paper artist and illustrator: Lobulo to create the elements that were animated for the piece infusing them with a sense of humor and whimsy that grounds the light hearted voice over.

Calvin Nicholls, The Artistic Master of Paper Sculpture.

I have posted in the past about the incredible skill and craft involved in creating paper sculpture. It requires patience, and years of practice to become a master at what on the surface seems like an easy task. Calvin Nicholls is an example of a master artist in this medium. His detailed works leap form the surface and fill you with a sense of awe as you take in his incredible 3D paper works of art.

Calvin Nicholls skill with sculpting paper is recognized world wide by galleries that represent him and with good reason. Look at the images on this page and try and grasp how long it takes to create each, and the deft hand and eye required to make a master work like one of these.

bear making of




fishAll images courtesy of Calvin Nicholls. For more information or to buy one of his works, click here.


Bert Simons. Art Meets Technology and Grows a Head.

Art and technology have always been intertwined. Tools like the cameraobsura, photography, camera lucida, and the computer have helped and enabled artists to push their creativity and reach new bounds. Netherlands based Artist and Designer Bert Simons is blending 3D modeling, with the art and craft of sculpture by producing 3D paper portraits of his subjects. Before you dismiss this lets take a look at his process, and if you want to try it for yourself, this is a link to one of model files.


Simons scans his subject, capturing the 3D data in Blender. He then manipulates the file into flat printable sheets, which are printed, then cut out, then hand assembled. It sounds easy, but it’s not, and the results are actually very cool.  The process involves quite a bit of manipulation of the source file in Blender, including modeling, paining in textures, and developing the flattened geometry. Cutting them out and piecing them together requires patience, skill, and dexterity.



exploded-head head-one realistic-3d-paper-portraits-4 realistic-3d-paper-portraits-5 realistic-3d-paper-portraits-6 realistic-3d-paper-portraits-7 woman

Paper Cruiser’s are Some Serious Truck Action

Ok these are fun. Paper Cruisers, downloadable, foldable, classic 4×4’s made from paper. Created by Jesse Smith these are pretty amazing little paper sculpture kits.

Recently Smith has expanded into an entire range of paper trucks, so now you can build an entire fleet of your favorite 4×4’s. And Smith is willing to work with you on the custom model of your dreams. Each truck Smith creates has serious attention to detail, whether it be a classic like the Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Rover Defender, or the infamous Willy’s Jeep.