Webydo and Parallax for You.

Parallax scrolling has been making waves for a couple of years in the interactive design community. Even if you don’t build interactive content, websites, or mobile apps you have probably come in contact with a parallax scrolling site or application. Building this kind of interactive experience has real pay-off with extended audience engagement, but unless you have a really solid team of coders, it can also be a daunting task. This is where  Webydo steps in with its new Parallax Scrolling Animator  software that is currently in a closed beta. The link above will take you to the site where you can sign up to join the beta test and help shape the final outcome of this code-free design tool.


Now, before you say the whole parallax thing has jumped the shark, think again. It’s here to stay. I agree that the problem with it is, that it has been overused as the hot new look, and more often than not it has been done badly. I also agree that there are issues with speed, mobile implementation, and SEO, but it isn’t going away, so Webydo might make your life a bit easier, and your results a lot better.

As Zack Rutherford points out in UX Magazine. Paralax has a certain wow factor and gives designers an opportunity to push interactive design in some exciting directions if done right. With Webydo making parallax available to its users there is hopefully a chance for less bad parallax, and more well designed rich interactivity..

“Beauty” Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, Brings the Old Masters to Life.

The video below from  was created from masterwork paintings, painstakingly cut apart and animated with great effect. I can’t even imagine how long the process took. Having done this on a smaller scale I know first hand what is required. Loads of Photoshop work, and even more work in a program like After Effects. Achieving believable parallax, and animating with the puppet tool are not easy things to do. Beyond the technical aspects of the animated short, there is a hypnotic and at times disturbing quality to the film that creates a nice balance between beauty, and the grotesque reality of some of the subject matter these paintings represent. None the less it’s worth watching as   brings these paintings to life. The full list of the paintings used can be found here.