Parasol Island

“Sharper Drive”, and the “Making Of” for Audi.

There is a new ad for Audi that was produced by Parasol Island titled “Sharper Drive”. The video seamlessly blends live action video with CG to create a fluid spot for the car, where it races across a dry lake bed that dissolves into ribbons of paper  that look like highway overpasses.

The video is color-graded with a desaturated overly that washes out the color and adds a level of atmosphere that I guarantee wasn’t in the original footage. Posted below is the original spot along with the “making of” spot, which if you are like me you’ll find fascinating as well. Oh and the making of video, the production values on it are every bit as good as the finished “Sharper Drive” ad. (the making of video gets really good at about 1 minute 30 when they really start showing how it is put together.)

Hat tip to the folks at Parasol Island, and the Agency Philipp & Keuntje. Full credits are listed below the video clips.

Agency: Philipp & Keuntje
Creative Director: Diether Kerner
Art Director: Jan Gericke
Producer: Sandra Niessen, Axel Leyck

Production: Parasol Island

Making of

Camera: Charles Bals, Denis Guth
Editor: Denis Guth

Director: Philip Hansen, Danny Ruhlmann
DoP: Danny Ruhlmann
Executive Producer: Moritz von Schrötter
Senior Film Producer: Lena Breidenbach
Post Producer: Niels Rinke, Lena Breidenbach
Service Production: Slim Pictures L.A.
Service Producer: Tom Weissferdt
Precision Driver: Mike Johnson
Heli Pilot: Peter McKernen

Editor: Nathalie Pürzer
Conform & Finishing: Stephan Krause

Executive Creative Director: Charles Bals
Creative Directors: Oliver Navarro, Hans Schultheiss
Designer: Sebastian Onufszak, André Ljosai

Previz Artists: Dino Figuera, Oliver Navarro, Philip Hansen

VFX Supervisor: Philip Hansen
Lead Animation Artist: Dino Figuera
Scene Setup: Dino Figuera, Paul Dreisen, Kay Poprawe, Joschka Herrlich, Robert Joosten
TD: Dino Figuera, Robert Joosten, Dirk Bialluch
Senior Lighting/Shading Artists: Christian Wallmeier,Paul Dreisen, Kay Poprawe, Oliver Markowski,
Lighting/Shading Artists: Joschka Herrlich
Texturing Artist: Bardia Afchar
Lead Compositing Artist: Gregory Chalenko
Compositing Artists: Jonas Uebelin, Falko Paeper, Sascha Reinholz, Elmar Weinhold,
Junior Comp: Fabian Grodde, Wilfried Kaiser

Lead Matchmoving: Christian Wallmeier
Matchmoving: Sascha Reinholz, Elmar Weinhold, Falko Paeper, Wilfried Kaiser

Typography / Motion-Design: Heike Mauer
Music: Jonathan Wulfes