Paris Kabbinet from Septembre.

A little over six months ago my wife and I made a very conscious choice to downsize my living space by moving from just under 2000 square feet of modern expanse into 1000 square feet of urban loft. I’m still getting use to the reduced footprint and the challenges that come with it. One thing I do know is, it requires a much more minimal lifestyle, and you use every inch of your space. There is no room for clutter, or things you don’t use. This is why I can appreciate the Kabbinet project from Septembre Architecture. This 85 square meter apartment (approximately 915 square feet) features smart built in furniture that functions as seating as well as storage.



The former manufacturing workshop in a Parisian alley uses the multifunctional wooden cabinetry to line the perimeter of the space opening up the central living area to create a sense of larger volume. High end finishes and a simple black and white color pallet help make the small space feel larger and exaggerate the feeling of luxury living in a small footprint.











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36 Cities, 21 Countries, 90 Nights.

I love traveling to Europe. I’ve been a number of times, and would go back in a heart beat given the opportunity. I was supposed to go to Italy earlier this year, but with the move and a couple of other things that trip has been postponed. The video below, by Luke Shepard is a tribute to some of Europe’s greatest architecture. The time lapse footage was shot in 36 cities across 21 countries over the course of 3 months. It really is a pretty stunning piece of work. The shots almost have a 3D quality to them, which is a testament to Shepard’s talents as a photographer.

Dynamo in Paris.

A couple of my work colleagues are going to Paris later this month. I wish I was going to Paris so I could see this new installation “Dynamo”, by Swiss artist Felice Varini. This latest piece by Varini is at the Grand Palais in Paris. The piece uses projectors and stencils so that the artwork that only appears proportional when seen from a specific viewpoint. “Dynamo” is on display through the summer and went up about a month ago.

The video below shows how the piece works.

Animae Dementia

Street Artists Ro and l’Homme Pendu have been creating a series of paper paste up monsters in Berlin and Paris over the last few months. The works entitled Animae Dementia (roughly “soul madness” or “animal madness”, feature giant mythical creatures that appear in the photos to be preparing to devour their creators as they are being constructed. The images are great, and the photos from the website are pretty impressive, showing not only how they are made, but the scale of many of the final pieces.

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Mountain Riders Keep it Clean.

Keeping with my posts about bikes, and cycling over the last few days I thought I would share this print ad from Paris based Publicis Conceil. The piece is for Mountain Riders. The illustration is nice little infographic about pollution on mountain trails, rendered in a way that would appeal to any mountain biker. The silhouette of each category looks like a trail profile, but is actually a graph that shows pollution increases from 1935 forward. I love the color pallet, and the three dimensional quality of the chart. Clean yet very effective for a public service announcement.

Tilt Shift Me at Disney Land, Paris.

Tilt-Shift is one of those photo techniques that has been really hot with still photographers for some time now. Lately I have seen a few video pieces that incorporate tilt-shift, but usually the end result is mediocre. It probably has something to do with the subject matter. A tilt-shifted Toyota just doesn’t work.

This commercial for Disney Land Paris, does work however. Shot under the direction of Céranne Gantzer, Disney Land is transformed into a miniature world, and the tilt shift effect heightens the magical feeling that Disney Land is supposed to give you. The saturated color, the re-timed frame rate, the shallow focus all lend themselves so well to this video piece.

My Calvin Klein Raincoat.

I don’t think I have ever posted about fashion or clothing before. It’s not that I don’t like or appreciate fashion, and the sartorial stylings of the well dressed. For some reason, I just never have. That however changes this morning. I am about to get all fashionista about a raincoat.

Back at the beginning of April I purchased a raincoat to take with me on the trip to France around the first of May. I had been checking the weather, and things looked like a typical Parisian spring. In other words the possibility of the land of perpetual mist. I figured a black raincoat would come in handy. I could wear it over a sport coat if I needed, and it was black so the citizens of Paris would approve. When I started shopping I had no Idea what I was going to get. I knew I wanted a tailored jacket that wasn’t to long, and it had to be versatile. During a random visit to Halls Crown Center in Kansas City, I found what might be a perfect all-weather jacket.

While browsing in the men’s department, I happened to spot a number of Calvin Klein raincoats hanging by the register in the suit department and I decided to check them out. I think this is possibly one of the best clothing purchase decisions I have made in a long time. This raincoat is outstanding, and as winter approaches, it is going to see a lot of use.

The Jacket has a modern, tailored profile and is constructed from a bonded polyester shell. This raincoat is a cool compact option that I can use as an  everyday jacket, or as a fantastic raincoat.Last night while walking the dogs in the deluge that was engulfing Kansas City, this coat was amazing. It kept me dry, and warm. Earlier in the evening I wore it over a sport coat, and it fit great. The thing is so well-built, it has a zip out lining, tons of inner pockets, it’s just solid all the way around. And you don’t look like some trench coat geek when you are wearing it, which is a definite plus. (no offense  trench coat fans.)

This coat set me back over 200 bucks, even with my Halls discount, but the investment was worth it. This is the kind of thing you buy and keep for the next 10 years. It’ll never go out of style, and it is so well made it is never going to fall apart. My only complaint, the outer shell attracts Cosmo’s dog hair like a super magnet.

If you are interested in picking one of these up, Macy’s has them on sale for $199.00 marked down for Veteran’s Day from the original $375.00 price.