Parking Grages


Two years ago when I bought my MINI convertible, I went about three months before someone in the parking garage at work put a two inch long crease in the drivers door. The new 128i lasted just two weeks before someone at work managed to put a half inch long gouge in the paint on the passenger door. I shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. It has happened to every new car I have owned and parked in a lot at work for the last 10 plus years.

The thing that always gets me is, they have to know they did it. You hit someone’s door hard enough to dent it, or take the paint off to the primer, you probably look to see what happened your car, see the damage to the other and say something like “Oh Shit!”

What blows me away is, you work with these people, and even in a company the size of mine you’d think there would be some level of mutual respect for others property. I know, wishful thinking. None the less, since a car on average is 25 grand, you would hope that the person parking next to you would be careful getting in and out of their car. I guess I should be realistic, and take into account the number people that treat their vehicle like a rolling trashcan/filing cabinet. If you don’t respect your own car, you sure as hell won’t respect mine.

Well, here goes $125.00 to KC Colors, to buff out and touch up the paint on my less than one month old car.