Passive Amplifier

Timbre iPhone Amplifier.

The amplification of an audio source doesn’t always require electronics. Sometimes all you need is a well designed wooden box with the right acoustic properties. Case in point the Timbre Amplifier for your iPhone. Timbre by designer by Tyler Pratt is locally crafted from black walnut wood and is available in two finishes. The wooden amplifier provides up to 20 decibels in audio increase with no cords, no batteries, no wire. It looks nice, is well designed and provides good function with little visual intrusion.

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I Really Should Wear Lederhosen When Using This.

When I first saw images of this I thought to myself, “there should be a little guy in lederhosen blowing in the end of this thing, while another little lederhosen guy shouts out Ricola”. (my mind is filled with cold meds that are having an impact on my imagination)

OK enough of that nonsense. When it comes to passive amplifiers for the iPod or iPhone, this new release from en&is is pretty damn sexy.

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The Megaphone amplifier for the iphone is made from porcelain and designed to amplify the audio produced by the built in speaker on your phone. The amplifier sits on a thin wooden frame so the amplifier rests in a cradle that almost feels like an old school pipe stand. The stand has a very functional design purpose though. It helps to increase audio vibration and optimize sound output. I couldn’t find any specs on this. That statement is based on the designers website. I have no idea what this actually sounds like but it sure looks amazing.

MegaPhone Satellite 2011 is designed for the iPhone is perfect for listening music without headphones, for audio conference to hear the person on the phone as live voice.