Paypal Cut Paper 3D Animation.

The video below from Sehsucht is one of those great examples of where technology and craft come together to create something that makes you question if it is 3D animation, stop motion, or a blend of the two. It turns out it was all done on the computer, but the effect is fantastic. Botht the finished video, and the making of are below showing you how it was done. The finished video looks like animated cut paper and is surprisingly convincing as something that was done with physical materials by hand. The animation was built using Cinema 4D and if you watch the making of video you can see how the team developed the sequence from storyboards, to style frames, to some intense animation sequences that capture the look of layered paper cutouts. Great stuff.

“PayPal isn’t just an online payment method, it is a licensed bank as well. Die Botschaft and SEHSUCHT Berlin developed a nice concept to communicate this and other facts about PayPal.  Our main Character Mr. PayPal is explaining that PayPal is more than just a bank and shows the benefits of using it. We really had fun bringing him to live in this beautiful 3D paper cut world. The goal was to animate everything exactly like it would be done if animated by hand with stop motion techniques. This was a tedious and mind-bending challenge, but fun and every frame was worth the love and passion.”

Paypal and Pizza Express, Let You Pay Via Your iPhone.

I have to admit I am a little reluctant to use my phone as a digital wallet. (To many data security seminars from the days I worked for a bank).This however shows a slightly different approach that actually has the potential to gain some traction.

UK restaurant chain Pizza Express have partnered with Paypal to allow meals to be paid for using a specific Pizza Express iPhone app.

The Pizza Express app includes a range of functionality like reserving a table, using coupons, etc., but one of the more interesting elements of the application is the direct integration of Paypal which allows you to pay for your meal directly through the Pizza Express application.  The video below explains how the Pizza Express Paypal application works: