Pebble 2

Pebble 2. Wireless Charging Made Beautiful.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I hate wires and cables. Anything I can do to eliminate the tangle of cords and cables from my living space is a must. This morning in my inbox I had an email about a new KickStarter project from the French design firm Orée, for a minimalist smartphone wireless charger and bluetooth speaker by the French studio Orée. The piece is handcrafted from solid wood or marble.

Pebble 2 is handcrafted from solid wood or marble and seamlessly blends with any environment. The technology blends seamlessly with any device. Simply set your smartphone on the Pebble 2 and it starts charging automatically. Your phone also auto syncs via Bluetooth to the music system built into the Pebble 2.

Smartphones fit our mobile lifestlyle like a glove. Yet when we are at home or in the office, they just feel bulky: we’re never quite sure where we leave them, we scramble for the power cable to make sure they are charged up for our next errand and we cope with the poor sound quality of the built-in loudspeaker when we want to conveniently make hands-free calls or listen to music. We created Oree Pebble 2 so your smartphone elegantly fits your lifestyle at home or in the office.

Pebble 2 uses bluetooth and standard QI technology to wirelessly charge most Android handsets. Unfortunately this technology is not yet embedded in iPhones, but they can be charged via a Wireless Power Sleeve, made from solid walnut and genuine vegetable tanned leather.