Putting Pen to Paper.

I have to admit I don’t write physical letters and notes anymore. Like so many people I have embraced the immediacy of digital correspondence with a vengeance. I still use pen and paper to sketch out ideas and jot things down, but really couldn’t tell you the last time I wrote a letter to someone. With that said, I still have a thing for finely crafted pens and pencils. There is something about the look, the weight, the way it sits in your hand.

Thankfully Ystudio feels the same way, and have released a new line of writing tools that are drool worthy. The new “stationary collection” is a finely crafted set of writing implements for the discerning author, doodler, or note taker. The set is constructed from pure copper and brass, with a minimalist elegant design combined with pristine materials. The model line includes two rollerball pens, a ballpoint pen, a mechanical pencil, a sketching pen, a pen container a pen case, and a notebook.



“The Scenic Route”. A Love Story for the Mercedes Benz Gullwing SLS AMG.

Usually when we think of car ads, especially ones produces for cars that price out in the $100,000 plus dollar range, we think big budgets and tons of effects. I think that is why I really like this spot for Mercedes Benz produced by creative agency PENCIL.

The Scenic Route, is a love story featuring the ultimate Mercedes supercar, the Gullwing SLS AMG.

After Jenny and Jack Dyson had an opportunity to take the car for a drive, they completely fell in love with it, and rather than produce a typical car ad, they decided give the AMG a personality, with an ability to bring the world to its hood and heart. The best part is they do it without ever starting the car.

The commercial is directed by Nick Jones, with cinematography is being handled by veteran automotive shooter Tim Green. The spot takes place with Emma Rios animated illustrations being moved behind the car, which create a narrative storyline and backdrop for the piece. This is such a fresh approach for a car commercial. Rather than a hard sell with the professional driver on a closed course, this spot takes a much more relaxed tone letting the beautiful design of the car work for itself. There is no need to put the car through a series of rubber burning, asphalt squealing, octane fueled hoops. Instead  PENCIL lets the beauty of the car in an imagined space do all the work.

Now, if you think this was a low budget, small crew project, wait until the end and count up the number of crew members needed to pull this off. I think you’ll be surprised.