Phantom Flex

Slow Motion Color. Barbour Meets Pantone.

What happens when you take a few beautiful young people and shoot them with a Phantom Flex 4K camera with the frame rate cranked up to a couple hundred frames per second? You get the ad below for Barbour clothing. Produced by , the long form one minute and thirty second spot introduces a new line of clothing featuring Pantone colors. The spot has some really nice slow motion cinematography with the beautiful young people being pelted with handful’s of colored powder. No voice over, no editorial, no call to action, just people turning through the clouds of colored dust and emerging at the end to reveal the new line all set to a catchy pop tune.

EDITING: Vee Pinot
FLAME: Mark Beardall, Stephen Miller, Andrew Curtis
COLOUR: Ben Rogers
POST PRODUCER: Magda Krimitsou

“Shake” at 1000 Frames Per Second.

Sometimes you just need to shake things off. Based on the photography of Carli Davidson,   used a high frame rate camera to capture ultra-slow motion video of dogs simply shaking it off. Set to Mayer Hawthorne “Shiny & New” the video has a mesmerizing  quality to it. Whether you are a dog person or not, it’s worth a watch if for nothing else than the kinetic energy that is captured by DP Khalid Mohtaseb, and his Phantom master tech Nick Midwig at 1000 frames per second.

Now before you send lots of animal hater comments my way, this is from Variable’s Vimeo page.

*No dogs were harmed during the making of this film. We love animals. Please reach out to directly if you have any questions or concerns about the animal’s rolls and we will get back to you asap. Thanks in advance!

“The Chemistry of Inspiration”, an Infiniti Q50 shot on a Phantom Flex.

Auto manufacturers have boat loads of money for advertising and marketing. Those deep pockets pay off for the people that have the privilege to produce the visuals for them. The video below is for the new Infiniti Q50 premiere at Geneva Motor Show. Portions of it were shot on a Phantom Flex at ultra high frame rates and composited with additional footage and stills of the car. The post production work on this is outstanding with seamless blending of footage by Reepost and Cokau Lab, special effects by Flam & Co and high speed cinematography from Sublab. Here’s to them, and the wish that everyone gets to work on a big budget production like this in the future.