Photo Retouching

Sunday Morning Jameson Shots with Martin Wonnacott

Have ever looked at a photo and asked yourself how did they get that shot? I ask it all the time. Martin Wonnacott is known as the “Master of Liquid” and with good reason.his photos for the beverage industry are absolutely outstanding. The video below is a behind the scenes look at a recent photo shoot Wonnacott did. There is an in-depth interview on ProFoto’s blog here that is definitely worth the read if you are into this sort of thing.



Fotoshop by Adobé Jesse Rosten on the Fashion Industry.

I work in Photoshop every single day, and this video nails it. Yes Photoshop is a great tool, but the thing that is just a wee bit disturbing is the fact that all of the examples shown are real world examples. It shows just how much the fashion industry is tweaking the results, and skewing public ideas about what beauty is. Watch the video, and then watch the interview with director Jesse Rosten here.

Are Your PhotoShop Skills This Good? Mine Aren’t.

I’m a Photoshop user. I am in the program pretty much 7 days a week. Sometimes for heavy design and illustration work, sometimes for quick retouching or prepping images for my other heavy program of use After Effects. When I see, Photoshop work that is truly amazing it makes me jealous as all hell that my skills aren’t that good. This is one of those cases. The three advertisements below are great ads. They convey they message with a simple effective visual, and a quick tie to the product shot in the bottom right. The thing that impressed me most though was the great retouching job with the gum. I know this is probably a combination of images blended together, but the way the designer got that gum to blend and merge with the other objects is just amazing work, and yeah it makes me jealous. The one I keep going back to is the hand where the finger blend together. It creeps me out yet I keep looking at it.

This series of ads were produced by McCann Worldgroup’s Bangkok office. The photographer of record is  Sun House. No word on the retouch artist, although I wonder if it was done by Art Director Supachai Toemtechatpong. Either way somebody at McCann did some killer work.