Photographic Prints

Aluminum Photo Prints from PostalPix.

I’m a guy that has fully embraced the iPhone photo revolution. For every image I capture with my DSLR, there are probably two or three more I get with my phone. Not because its a better camera, but because its always with me. Plus the iPhone snaps some pretty good images, and when combined with the right app the results can be extremely interesting.

So, lets say your like me and you have a boat load of iPhone images. Lets say you want to print them out, but on a more durable substrate than paper. That’s where PostalPix comes in. PostalPix prints to aircraft grade Aluminum, and the prints will run you $8-$25 depending on the size. Using a sublimation process to gas-infuse your image onto the aluminum substrate PostalPix prints have a unique visual quality that sets them apart from standard paper prints. If you’re not into the aluminum look have fear, PostalPix offers standard paper prints as well plus frames for them.

There is a free iPhone and Android app that let’s you order directly from your phone.






PostalPix was originally developed with the purpose of enabling parents everywhere to easily order prints of the moments they capture with their iPhone of their children’s lives. It was soon realized, however, that people other than just parents were interested in PostalPix. Now, our goal is to allow all iPhone users (and soon other mobile devices) the ability to easily order photo prints of images captured with their phone.