Grey and 1st Ave. Machine’s “Piano” for Gillette.

In terms of clever advertising, Grey and1st Ave Machine got it right on with this spot for Gillette. This is a really nice way to do a product demo, and totally memorable. The crew rigged up 88 of Gillette’s new Flex Ball razors to piano keys, tied them to a matrix which ran to an alternate keyboard played by composer Son Lux. Lux plays a an elegant composition as the camera moves throgh various angles, details and close ups of the product. This is some really nice work that goes way outside the box for advertising a razor and blades.


“Understand Music”, an Animation from, finally.

What better way to start off Monday than with an inspiring little animation about understanding music. This animated piece from “finally” out of Mainz, Germany was uploaded about a week ago, and there is no doubt about why this is a Vimeo staff pick. The quality of the animation, and the way it is visualized is absolutely fantastic.