Labbler, Professional Social Networking for the Music Industry.

A friend of mine sent me a link to “Labbler” this morning raving about the clean easy to use UI design, and I have to admit it looks really nice. The thing is I don’t want to sign up to experience the whole Labbler site, so I’m not really sure how well it works.

According to the designers website, “Labbler is a music business community connecting Artists, Labels, Venues, Booking Agencies, Promoters and Fans. With Labbler you can create multiple pages for one account – e.g. pages of your Artists, Label and Booking agency. You can upload, search and share Artists, Music, Charts, Photos, Events, News and more. And there are many other features about to launch.”

Sounds good to me. If I were involved in the music business I’d sign up. The screen shots below give a pretty solid idea of how it works, and what the feature set is. From the look of the still images, this kind of feels like a mash up between LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook, or what Myspace could have been if they had kept to their original band/music based roots.

Pinterist Panorama.

I’m not a Pinterist user. I installed it on my iPhone when it came out, used it a couple of times and then stopped. It never grabbed my interest, and for me it didn’t offer anything all that game changing. I know a ton of people use it, love it, and think it is the greatest thing in social networking ever.

Based on the number of people signing up to use it they might be right. For me though, Pinterist never did it. The image below though is a pretty clever use of the online pin board, social networking giant. Created by Oregon photographer Ryan Zeigler, this is a pretty fun use of the tech.