Monday Morning Inspiration. “The Watchmaker” by Dustin Cohen.

I work with pixels, with digital content on a daily basis. The things I create have no physical form, they are simply a display of numbers represented as images on a screen. This doesn’t diminish the creativity that goes into what I do, but over the years it has made me yearn for things made by hand. When I started my career as a designer, everything was done by hand. Even the photo processes used to create a printed page was analog. That longing for the mechanical, the analog, the hands on, has led me in recent years to a greater appreciation of finely crafted items, especially things like watches, clocks, vintage radios and stereo gear, etc.

Last night while perusing the “Made in Brooklyn” series on Vimeo I came across “The Watchmaker”. This is a short film by Dustin Cohen about David Sokosh, a watch maker in Brooklyn New York. Cohen’s short film captures that feeling about the hands on craftsmanship that surrounds the creation of a fine time piece. It captures Sokosh’s passion, and patience that is needed to produce a bespoke Brooklyn Watch. Perhaps it is my longing to spend time creating with my hands instead of a computer that drew me to this film. Then again it could also be the masterful way the short film was shot and edited.

The ironic part is, the film is all pixels, and I am equally drawn to the pixel craft went into making this film.

Be sure and check out the photo essay about the film here.

Made to Measure, the VBG Pixel Ruler.

Anyone that was trained in a time before computer graphics knows that things were measured in points, picas, and sometimes inches. I know I was trained that way, but in today’s world I never use those forms of measurement anymore. 99 percent of the time I measure things in pixels on the computer. Why? because I design for screen resolutions, and devices that are pixel driven.

Thanks to the folks at VBG, we now have a ruler that is set in pixel measurements. Something that I think I would use on a daily basis.

The pixel ruler is constructed from black plexi glass (a special wood version is available as well), and contains a few fixed sizes for specific devices like phones, monitors and paper, as well as individual pixel marks. Now all of this is based on a measure of 72 pixels per inch which is a relative measurement. None the less I think this is a pretty cool ruler, and since most of the stuff i build is designed for 72 pixels per inch, it works for me.