Pod à porter

Michiel Cornelisson’s Pod à Porter.

Last night while I was mowing the lawn in the oppressive Kansas City heat, I was thinking about a better way to lug my iPod around. Something that would free it from my pocket, or belt and not strap to my arm. Well today I think I might have stumbled on something; Pod à porter neckband for iPod shuffle. This is perfect for me, except that I would have to buy an iPod shuffle to make it work. Based on the design of the thing, forking over 79 bucks for a 4 gig iPod shuffle might make it worth my time.

This is a simple elegant solution that manages cables, and allows the iPod to rest around your neck negating the need for clips and straps. When I saw this my first thought was this would be great while mowing, but on second thought, it’ll be better while rowing by keeping the cables away from my moving arms and folding body.

Pod à porter is $27.00 and available here.