Polk Audio

Just in Time For Summer, Polk Audio Outdoor Speakers.

Outdoor audio speakers that are worth anything are few and far between. Most of them are full range speakers shoved into something that looks like a fake rock, and sound about as good. Polk Audio on the other hand has released a new outdoor speaker system that is not only great sounding, but can withstand the impact of a direct hit from a weed whacker and more.

Polk’s Atrium Garden Speakers are specially designed for the outdoor use, with “long throw” drivers that ensure that your music isn’t drowned or lost in ambient noise. The system consists of the Atrium Sat30 mid-range satellite speakers, and the big Atrium Sub10, a downward-firing subwoofer.

Both speakers are housed in high impact resistant ABS plastic, are weather tight, and designed to blend into the surrounding landscape or patio environment. The Atrium 30 satellite speaker is designed to be mounted in a  variety of ways. It can be planted on its base in the ground, or hung from above its wires. Polk Audio claims that the Sat30 can withstand “blows from weed whackers, mowers and other lawn equipment”, thanks to their shock-absorbing gasket.

The Subwoofer, while in a sort of nasty terra-cotta color is designed to be placed on a patio surface, and I am assuming here the color choice is an attempt to get it blend in with your planters. I think black would have been a better choice here but I’m not the designer… The surface is paintable though so if you are feeling crafty, you can at least make it look a bit better. The real feature of the Sub10 is it’s 200-watt subwoofer with a 10″ “Long Throw” Driver. When combined with the Sat30’s you should get a nice fully rounded sound out of these.

You can order the Polk Audio Atrium Garden Speaker System at Amazon for $600 (USD). The bundle includes one Sub10 and two Sat30s. You can also buy them separately – the Sat30 sells for $150, while the Sub10 sells for $300.

Now if they just had a wireless version.