World Cup Stadiums By Portugese illustrator André Chiote.

The 2014 World Cup is wrapping up and it’ll be another four years before football fever takes over the world again. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last month, you probably know that the current World Cup games are being played out in Brazil, with the final four teams playing the last semi final matches this week. Over the last month teams from around the world have played in 12 stadiums across Brazil, and Portugese illustrator André Chiote has illustrated five o them focusing on unique architectural details, using a color pallet based on the Brazilian flag with green blue and yellow. The illustration style is clean and simple with a nod to the international style of the 1960’s that brings a strong visual impact to the posters. Great stuff.








Carlos Alberto’s Wooden Vespa “Daniela”.

A couple of months back I posted about a steam punk Vespa that was a visual treat. Today, I’m posting about the wooden Vespa created by Portuguese carpenter Carlos Alberto. His hand crafted creation is named “Vespa Daniela”, and it is completely hand-crafted from a variety of woods all the way down to the wooden roulette wheels.


Carlos took what looks like a  late 1950’s Primavera that was abandoned in his garage and used it as the frame work to build this masterpiece of craftsmanship. Designed for his daughter Daniela, the entire metal structure was replaced with wooden forms leaving only the original 50cc engine and suspension.

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Design Friday

A few weeks back the folks over at Grain Edit posted some design work from Portuguese designer Cristiana Courceiro. I love her  work. Probably because it is so influenced by the international style of the late 50’s and early 60’s. I also like the fact that on her profile at Creative Hotlist she says,

“I like to collage vintage papers with contemporary images. cut, paste. I  hate pixels. I love glue and scissors, old magazines and pictograms. and Polaroids too.”

Personally I love pixels, but I can completely relate to the desire to be hands on with actual paint and paper.

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