Post-It Notes

Behold the Meaty Goodness! Salami Notes for Memory Keeping.

There is something ridiculously great about “Salami Notes“. Why use a simple Post It note when you can peel off a slice of meaty goodness, scrawl your message and leave behind the tasty morsel.


Hiop Salami Notes are the “Gourmet Memo” according to the label and package, which is designed to look like a tasty Italian cured meat product covered in rind and wrapped in  string. I know what I’ll be getting people for Christmas.



Anthroposts. The Anthropology of Post-It Notes.

My younger brother is an anthropologist so I am dedicating this post to him.

The ultimate destiny for a post-it note is the trash bin. It is part of the inevitable cycle of the small paper reminder, note, name, number, cheat sheet, or doodle. The humble post-it note is ephemeral by design. There is however, someone who is collecting them, archiving them, and cataloging found post-its.


Anthroposts is a cool little website that gathers up found post-it notes and organizes them by their color, use of common words and the complexity of the note itself. When the notes are organized by common words, the site shows a visual interconnection of how the notes are related. The site features a soundtrack of all their where the notes are read out loud and combined with background noise and music.

Each note is clickable so that you can see it full size and experience the original handwriting, doodles, and notes in vivid detail.