NuFormer Interactive Projection Mapping.

As projection mapping gets more sophisticated, and the processing power of tablets and smartphones increases, we are going to start seeing some really cool uses of the technology. In the video below, NuFormer shows off some pretty slick uses of iPads, iPhones, and Gesture based manipulation (Kinect Based) of the projection surfaces.

The real highlights for me aren’t the tablet or smartphone integration, it’s the gesture based demo. That alone allows projection mapping events to become a seamless interactive experience with the audience. It’s no longer simply passive viewing like the experience with your TV. In addition the gaming demo is pretty impressive as well, and for the same reason. It allows the audience to engage with and participate in the sensory experience that makes projection mapping work.


Modern Hummingbird Feeders from J Schatz.

We get a ton of hummingbirds at the house. The field, and the trumpet vine growing down along the treeline draw them in. I want to get more of them closer to the house, but the idea of putting up one of those butt ugly plastic feeders you get at your local hardware store leaves me flat. I have found loads of modern looking birds feeders, just none for hummingbirds. Until now that is.

These stoneware feeders by J Schatz are handcrafted in a New York studio and come in six bright colors. That’s right stoneware feeders, ceramic, quality materials… and the shape is wonderful too. I love the colors, and the simple modern shape. The best thing is, this isn’t embarrassing to put out in your yard.

Grand Rapids to Newsweek, We Ain’t Dead Yet.

When a major news publication like Newsweek writes an article calling your city “A Dying City”, what do you do? Well in the case of Grand Rapids Michigan, you fight back with a video, that is linked to both Facebook, and Twitter.

On May 22nd, the citizens of Grand Rapids joined forces with Rob Bliss Events and SEF Video to produce the worlds largest lip dub video performing a rendition of Don McLean’s “American Pie”. The video involved 5000 people, and temporarily shut down a major section of downtown Grand Rapids, which was filled with everything from guitar toting troubadours, to marching bands, weddings, and pillow fights.

The video was created to showcase the fact that the citizens of Grand Rapids, feel their city is filled with life, passion, energy, and is anything but “Dying” I have no idea, how successful this is going to be for Grand Rapids, but you have to give the city kudos for pulling out all the stops on this.


Triple Rush, A Reality Show.

Triple Rush is a reality show about bike messengers from hell. Judging by the trailer it feels like it’ll be a bit of a cringe fest, but I’m going to keep an eye open for it. Watch the trailer below, it’s pretty insane. I could see this becoming a show where they have messengers from different cities compete against each other. SF vs NYC or something. If the TV show looks as good as the trailer does, it’ll be worth watching just for the camera work and editing.

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