Cord Envy.

I have this thing about cords. I hate them. I look for ways to hide, conceal, remove, purge and make them invisible every chance I get. I keep thinking by this point in time, along with the flying cars we were promised in the Jetson’s, cords and cables were supposed to be extinct. Unfortunately they aren’t.

Since electrical cords are still a necessary evil in my life, I might as well use an extension cord that has a certain amount of panache. Over at Best Made Company I came across a series of vintage cloth wrapped extension cords that actually look stylish enough I wouldn’t want to hide them behind anything. They come in lengths up to 10 feet and are available in 3 colors which is pretty much ideal for any interior room.

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The cost is $34.00 per cord which isn’t to bad for something that looks this nice. While I wouln’t be using this to power the home entertainment center, I would use this for any lamp in my house that requires me to run a cord across the floor to an outlet.

  • 10 feet round “pulley” style cotton cord
  • maximum voltage: 600, maximum temp: 105 C
  • three conductor cloth covered wire
  • three brass prong with rubber plug
  • to be used indoors for small appliances

Creme Cycles

I’m a little late to the party on National Bike Month, but like they say “Better late than never”.  Yesterday I posted a little thing about “Bikes By Me” and today I want to extend that with a post about the way cool bikes from Creme Cycles.

These bikes look so amazing, and the range of products is fantastic with everything from fixed gear performance bikes to retro styled cruisers. Three of my favorites that Creme makes are Vinyl, the fixed gear minimalist racer, HolyMoly the European styled street bike that looks like it just rolled off the streets of Amsterdam, and Glider, a retro styled beach cruiser.

Vinyl features a high performance cromoly frame with lost wax dropouts and lugs. The frame is built using double butted Tange tube, sand is equipped with a San Marco Rolls leather saddle, polished high profile rims, sealed bearing Novatec hubs and forged cranks. Vinyl also features Dia Compe stainless steel cable guides that you can mount when using brakes, but will leave the frame completely clean when the bike is built brakeless.

Holymoly’s design is influenced by classic Dutch bikes, with a lugged frame and great care to details giving this bike a decisive retro feel. The bike has a completely upright position, that gives you an excellent field of vision and unobstructed view of the road and your surroundings.

Glider is a comfortable, bike that like a clean rugged look. This is a bike for people who use a bike for casual riding on a bike path or around the neighborhood. The bike has no fenders which means it is easy to transport in a car and easier to carry up and down stairs. Glider is available as a single speed or 3 speed.

A Real Version of Photoshop for the iPad.

Something that has always baffled me is just how weak the iPhone Photoshop application is. I know it is an app for the phone, and there is no way they could get all of Photoshop’s features in it, but compared to apps like Photogene, it pretty much sucks.

The video below, changes all of that as Adobe shows off a demo of the forthcoming Photoshop application for the iPad. Based on the demo it looks pretty damn cool, and the animated layers feature looks cool even though I am not sure how often I’d use it.

This video was captured by Eric Regan at Photoshop World yesterday.