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The Poster Designs for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Are Crazy – Awesome

I’m not sure what the selection criteria were for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, but I’m digging the completely crazy set of images that were chosen.  The styles range from Manga to Cubism to Surrealism and Photography. If you compare these to what we traditionally have gotten the Tokyo posters seem almost out of left field. Hat tip to the judges for taking a chance and choosing posters that are a reflection of Japanese culture, and that take a chance. You can see all of the posters here and read the artists statements about the works as well.

Infographics to geek out over.

I love a good infographic, and when they are executed by illustrators like Matt Taylor, Tom Whalen, and Kevin Tong you know they are gonna be amazing. Below are just a few of the geeky images that these three (info-rama) have teamed up with Mondo to do an art show specifically about infographics. Not just any infographics. Infographics for your inner geek, ranging from Star Wars, to Batman, to the Avengers and beyond. If you live in Austin, you might want to head over to Mondo Gallery on June 24 at 7pm for the Inforama opening. It looks like it is going to be a pretty fun show.





Stellavie, Movie Director Portrait’s Remind Me of the Classics.

If you haven’t seen the movie 2013 Drew: The Man Behind the Poster I highly recommend it. If you aren’t familiar with the artist that is the subject of the film, you’ll definitely recognize his work since he produced pretty much every block buster movie poster from the 1970’s through 90’s. That brings me to the subject of this post. A series of posters produced by German design studio Stellavie. The posters are portraits of famous movie directors done in that classic movie poster style. Each 16 by 20 inch poster is done up in glorious black and white, and they are absolutely brilliant. The illustration style, composition, the way they capture the essence of each director and the movies they produced. There are a total of 6,Alfred Hitchcock Martin Scorsese David Lynch Quentin Tarantino Stanley Kubrick Tim Burton, and they are all equally great. I kind of want all of them. The posters were developed by Stellavie in close collaboration with Julian Rentzsch. Each is produced on  beautiful cotton paper stock that captures Rentzsch’s drawing and illustration skills. The original art is a blend analogue and digital, that works together so well. It makes me wish the big studios that did away with classic movie poster styles would go back to the look of the golden age.







Friday Inspiration. Zim&Zou for IBM.

A little Friday inspiration from Zim & Zou. The magnificent posters were created for Ogilvy for a poster campaign for IBM back in 2013. Photographed by Fabrice Fouillet, the sculptures are built from cut paper and fabric. There is solid attention to detail paired with smart copy, and solid backgrounds in vibrant colors. The result is a really nice campaign that gets translated into a series of animated gif’s. Below are the posters, a few of the gif files and some detail shots. For the complete series, click here.

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

cannes posters_DEEP DIVES_color version

gif 1

gif 2

gif 3

gif 4

IBM Destail 1

IBM Detail 2

IBM Detail 3

IBM Detail 4

IBM Detail 5

IBM Detail 6