Poster Design

The Master. Tom Eckersley, Poster Design

One of the greatest poster designers of the 20th century had to be Tom Eckersley. Yesterday afternoon while doing a little inspiration and research gathering for a freelance project I stumbled across a series of his work and just stopped. Eckersley’s legacy is one that stands out with a rich illustration style that translated so well to the design work he did for such giants as Shell, Guinness  Gillette, BBC, Austin Reed, The united Nations and so many more. His career spanned almost six decades during which time his output was prolific. Over his career his style would change, but Eckersley’s designs have one common factor: his work brought together images and editorial that transformed complex messages into easily recognized, and understandable forms of communication.

Below is a small sampling of his work. Now then, I think I am going to have to add a couple books to my design library.

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The Quick Brown Fox.

If you are a designer one of the first things you probably learned along with Lorem Ipsom is the sentence, The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. That sentence is by far one of the most popular greeking phrases used to see how fonts will look in your design work. It is the default for most font management systems, and it is a line that hardly anyone ever changes.

If you are a type geek, design geek, or poster lover, the people that run Typolution have created a fun poster built around that sentence using a number of fun fonts, and a cute little fox illustration. All done up with a slightly distressed look, and folded the old school way that broadsheet posters used to be delivered.

The poster measures approximately 20 by 27 inches and will set you back 19 Euro ($24.75) plus shipping. You can get it here if you so desire.


Quotes From Pogo Art and Design Boutique.

I am on some sort of poster kick this morning. While trolling the internets looking for design inspirations, I found another set of posters that I love. This set of posters designed by Pogo features quotes by philosophers,  authors, poets and an occasional proverb. The posters themselves show stunning examples of typography, color pallet, and layouts. The overall typographic layout for each of these is really wonderful, standing on its own aside from the actual quote.

I Want You To Go Ape at “Film on Paper”.

This morning, in my in-box I had a link to a really wonderful movie poster site that launched earlier this year.

Two years in the making “Film on Paper” is an archive of film posters that is a huge resource for anyone in the design or film industry. Actually the site is wonderful resource for anyone, especially those of us interested in things like film, design, illustration, or the film industry. If you have time, check it out. The site offers really nice images of the posters, and quite a bit of information about the film, and the poster itself.

Wim Crouwel, The Master of International Style.

Today when I was doing a search for the Dutch graphic designer Wim Crouwel, I came across an absolutely amazing online archive with more than 500 of his posters. The collection is simply fantastic, and the site contains much more than works by Crouwel. Below is a slide show of some of the works I found. If you are into Mid-Century “International Style” design you will love this section of  Een Geheugen Van Nederland.

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Really Useful Poster.

I love it when someone takes something that gets taken for granted, or is considered mundane in some way, and creates something really well designed that makes you think about said object in a new light. Or for that matter makes you even think about it at all. That is what appealed to me about this set of posters produced by Print-Process for Mash Creative.

Mash Creative’s “Really Useful Poster” series is a set of simple one color posters that highlight things like “Greenwich Meantime, The Metric System, Printing Sizes, and Emoticon Shortcuts.” While I might not use all of these posters all of the time, they did make me stop and think, and they did make me say  “I might use that one, or that one, or…”

The careful grid structure, color pallet, and wonderful typesetting of the Giclée print will no doubt have creatives drooling, and the whole set would look awesome in any design studio, especially mine. The thing is though, I’m pretty sure that beyond actually looking good, they are damn useful. Take a close look at the detail on each one;and you’ll understand why. Useful, Simple, Elegant design.

Stir Sets the Tone for British Auto Service.

Milwaukee based design firm Stir, has stirred things up with its latest print campaign for British Auto Service. The campaign is a series of posters featuring desaturated images classic English rides against tonal distressed backgrounds. Paired with clever editorial each poster looks as though it has been hanging on the wall of a garage for decades. Like the vintage cars that are featured here, each poster is worn, scuffed, faded, and torn.

From a visual design perspective the designers have created a couple very nice visual tricks as well. If you look at these, you notice that the fold across the center of the poster, creates a false horizon line grounding the vehicle in space on 4 of the posters. In addition, the radiant lines that emerge from behind each car draw your eye into the center of the page, and visually connect you to the editorial at the top, and the company name at the bottom.

Really nice stuff guys.