New York, New York.


Illustrator and designer Remko Heemskerk has created a series of prints dedicated to New York City. The style is reminiscent of 20th century travel posters and poster art created by the WPA in the 1930’s and 40’s. Flattened and stylized with just enough detail. Limited, but bright color pallets that keep the images vibrant and fun. The series shows the wide range of architectural style prevalent in the city, some iconic others commonplace, all of them making up the whole of the city. The prints are available for purchase in a variety of sizes at inPrint if you are so inclined.











The Circular Calendar by Sören Lachnit.

Since it is a whopping 12 degrees outside, with a windchill of about zero I am longing for spring. Unfortunately it’s still more than two months away. That doesn’t mean that I can’t get ready for the Vernal Equinox with a little bit of well designed flair.

Designed by Sören Lachnit, this single sheet wall calendar calculates the number of hours of daylight at 50°, 40°, and 30° north of the equator. It marks the seasonal changes, and uses rings to mark weekdays, months, weeks, lunar and solar phases, and leaves room for jotting down notes, should you decide you want to write on this stunning visual piece.


The clean simple, minimalist design is printed on silk finish paper at 33.11  x 46.81 inches. It’s a great example of international design style, with clean typography and a two color layout. I like how it breaks from the design norm and engages the viewer with it’s circular form.







World Cup Stadiums By Portugese illustrator André Chiote.

The 2014 World Cup is wrapping up and it’ll be another four years before football fever takes over the world again. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last month, you probably know that the current World Cup games are being played out in Brazil, with the final four teams playing the last semi final matches this week. Over the last month teams from around the world have played in 12 stadiums across Brazil, and Portugese illustrator André Chiote has illustrated five o them focusing on unique architectural details, using a color pallet based on the Brazilian flag with green blue and yellow. The illustration style is clean and simple with a nod to the international style of the 1960’s that brings a strong visual impact to the posters. Great stuff.








20 Rules. The H-57 Commandments for Designers.

Milan creative studio H-57’s staff set out earlier this year to create a set of rules, or guidelines to determine what guides them every day. The fact is that most of these could be applied to any occupation.

To create the poster, the H-57 crew determined their personal guidelines, drew them on paper, cut them out, and glued them to a sheet of cardboard. Then the entire sheet was converted to what you see below.

In the end, these rules are what really should guide us every single day.