Ban All The Political Ads For Forever.

I try not to be very political in this space. This blog isn’t about politics, and my political view point is really no ones business but mine. With that said though, I am going to post something somewhat political.

As we move toward the November elections, the mud slinging, hate mongering, misinformed bullshit of both parties political machines is kicking into full force. The first salvos of political propaganda are hitting the TV and Radio airwaves, and it is only going to get worse before it gets better. My email inbox is being flooded with spam from both Obama and Romney. Today I received 3 text messages from the Romney camp. How they got my cell number is a mystery, but they got it and they pissed me off.

I have a proposal. Something that might make the average American think, and actually have to listen to the candidates, and not the party spin machine. The propaganda factories, and superpacs spinning millions of dollars of TV ads trying to sway your opinion with half facts, and semi truths that paint their candidate in a better light.

The proposal is this.


Instead the candidates should be required to conduct one debate a week from June first until October 31st on Public Television and Public Radio. The Questions won’t be submitted to the candidates in advance, and can be emailed, tweeted, or phoned in by any American citizen.

Think about it. The candidates wouldn’t be coached on how to answer the questions. They would have to answer to the best of their ability. They’d be forced to show their true colors, spin less, and cut the bullshit. Perhaps the American public would become more involved, and stop listening to the talking heads and actually form an opinion of their own.

Think of all the money that would be saved. If you get rid of the billions of dollars spent on TV and Radio ads. On Facebook, Twitter, text messages, direct mail, billboards, news paper ads and every other media ad outlet, and applied it to something worthwhile, maybe things would get a little better.

I know it’s just wishful thinking, but damn I wish something like this could happen. I know I’m going to want it by November.

“Guardian Open Journalism” Three Little Pigs for Modern Times.

This ad for the Guardian came out a couple of weeks back, but today was the first time I saw it. What a great play on a classic fairy tale with a modern twist, wrapped with a modern vibe. Broadcast news, social media, websites etc. all surface in this ad to bring the Three Little Pigs up to date and show the arenas the Guardian plays in.

The commercial has a great big budget look with some nice subtle motion graphics, and post work.

Fold Your Stains Away.

The video below shows a number of stop motion clips featuring a new ad campaign for Tide. The ads are double page spreads that feature an illustration with a large color blob on it. The blob folds up like a piece of origami to reveal the Tide logo which integrates back into the original illustration.

When I first saw the video I was pretty impressed with the innovative approach, requiring user interaction with the ad. Most print based campaigns are fairly passive experiences, and this is the kind of interaction that leaves a memorable impression with the participant. The one question I had, was with the minimal amount of instruction on the page would the reader know to fold up the “stain”?, or would they skip past it not seeing the call to action? The instruction looks like a single line of copy “Fold Here” with a thin line showing where to fold the stain up. Once you begin, arrows and lines direct you on where to, and the direction to fold.

It’s a great idea, but I’m not sure readers would get it. I’d really like to see what kind of results this campaign received in the end.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: KV Sridhar
Art Director: Ganesh Nayak
Designer: Sadanand Narvekar
Illustrators: Nishikant Palande, Priyanka Chavan, Pranali Bhogale,Ganesh Nayak