MOO Goes Luxe with your Business Cards.

If you are a designer that works with print, you know how important paper quality is to finished product. In today’s world, there are a million and one online digital printers that offer business card printing on the cheap. More often than not, the phrase “You get what you pay for” rings true with these.

About a week ago digital printer MOO introduced a new line of cards called “Luxe“.Printed on 600gsm (32pt), Mohawk Superfine paper with an optional color line sandwiched between the outside substrates of paper, these cards stand out. The cards are triple the thickness of standard business cards, and feature a stunning, tactile quality that you won’t find anywhere else with digital printers on the web. Oh and the cost won’t break the bank. 200 cards will run you about 100 bucks.

Founded in 2004, MOO produces millions of business cards, postcards and minicards monthly, all while maintaining a special place within the design community thanks to their high standards, and innovative processes.


Birth of a Book, A Short Film by Glen Milner.

This wonderful video by Glen Milner for the Telegraph is a great example of timing with editing, and story telling only with visuals. Even if you know nothing about the printing and publishing industry, you get the complexities from watching this.

Milner’s short film, shows off the craft of printing and binding a book by hand. A craft that is in many ways a dying art form in this ages of pixels and e-books. (At the beginning there is a shot of rubylith overlays being placed over a piece of film. When was the last time you thought of that?)

Through the entire film, there is a rhythm, created by the edits that guide you through the entire process from burning plates, to numbering the limited edition. The film is only two minutes long, yet it goes through the entire process.

“Birth of a Book” has a great score, a great look, and really solid editing.

Shot at Smith-Settle Printers, Leeds, England. The book being printed is Suzanne St Albans’ ‘Mango and Mimosa’ published as part of the Slightly Foxed series.

Shot, Directed & Edited by Glen Milner

A World Without Type is Heaven Devoid of Stars.

615 years ago, around 1398, the world was changed forever when Johannes Gutenberg invented moveable type and the printing press. That single invention is probably one of the most important of the last 1000 years. The result of Gutenberg is felt in everything we do today. The impact is unmeasurable.

One of the byproducts of the Gutenberg press is quite literally typography and the design of fonts. It is impossible to imagine the world today without print, fonts, and type. The poster below was designed by Stefan Hattenbach for the folks at I Love Typography. This 3 color screen print on red Plike paper is not only stunning, but completely captures the reality of what the world would be like if Gutenberg hadn’t invented moveable type and the printing press.

Really Useful Poster.

I love it when someone takes something that gets taken for granted, or is considered mundane in some way, and creates something really well designed that makes you think about said object in a new light. Or for that matter makes you even think about it at all. That is what appealed to me about this set of posters produced by Print-Process for Mash Creative.

Mash Creative’s “Really Useful Poster” series is a set of simple one color posters that highlight things like “Greenwich Meantime, The Metric System, Printing Sizes, and Emoticon Shortcuts.” While I might not use all of these posters all of the time, they did make me stop and think, and they did make me say  “I might use that one, or that one, or…”

The careful grid structure, color pallet, and wonderful typesetting of the Giclée print will no doubt have creatives drooling, and the whole set would look awesome in any design studio, especially mine. The thing is though, I’m pretty sure that beyond actually looking good, they are damn useful. Take a close look at the detail on each one;and you’ll understand why. Useful, Simple, Elegant design.