Soon and Igepa Recycle to Create a Fantasy World.

To promote their recycled paper line and the idea of recycling, Igepa Belux turned to the creative team at design firm Soon. Using old magazines, Soon transformed the pages into a bright colorful world of flowers, insects, and birds, giving the pages a second life.

The design team at Soon transformed magazines and print advertisements into three dimensional sculptures of flower arrangements, intricate insects, and voluminous greenery by cutting, folding, weaving, bending and gluing the materials and crafting them into a spectacular new world. The end result was a full color brochure, a behind the scenes video, and a series of prints, showing how the original materials had been transformed.


Penny Dreadful – Dracula.

A little over a month ago I posted a video from Beakus featuring an animated short for the new Sky series “Penny Dreadful” on the book “Frankenstein“. The video below is the second installment and the focus this time around is the book “Dracula” Narrated by Matthew Sweet (not the musician). Sweet takes us on an insightful journey through the history of the book, hidden meanings, and glimpse at how Dracula became an iconic figure in contemporary pop culture. Once again the animation is stylistically wonderful interweaving animation with brief segments of live action footage “Penny Dreadful” is a major drama series on Sky created by John Logan and starring Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Eva Green and Billie Piper.


I somehow missed the third installment for “Dorian Gray” which is equally as good as the first two.

Where’s The Beef? Morris Grassfed Animated by Joe Donaldson.

One of the really nice things about the ubiquity of high-speed internet connections being available for everything from your phone to your TV set is the fact that promotional advertising is getting better. What I mean by this is, the fact that rich content that is longer than thirty seconds is available, and offers a compelling reason to watch. Most fifteen and thirty second spots done for TV follow the same formulaic pattern, and are easily tuned out, skipped, or muted rendering them virtually worthless. People pay a ton of money to have an ad produced and shown to an audience that isn’t paying attention. The point of this being, that in the new world order of converged media, you now have the option to create a longer form of promotional advertising that is engaging, and tells a story.

Back in February  released an animated short for the New York Times, that received a ton of accolades for the quality of the animation, and the story telling component. That video inspired Julie Morris at Morris Grassfed Beef to contact him about creating an animated short promoting their new online ordering system. The video that they produced goes far beyond a simple instructional promo spot. It tells a story about how Morris Grassfed Beef was started, the quality of the product, where and how they deliver, and how to order online.

Donaldson’s animation and illustrative style, combined with a great script and solid narration help to break the mold and give the audience a compelling reason to watch the entire spot. At a minute and fifteen seconds, the video below demonstrates how a longer format ad can hook and hold an audience. The cadence and flow of the spot, timed to well executed visuals and high production value show how effective storytelling can be in long format advertising.


Oh and this piece was created in 4 weeks with no revisions. A complete explanation of the work process Donaldson employed can be found on Motionographer.

The Bible of Barbecue.

I have no idea if the Tramontina Bible of  Barbecue is available or not. If it is, it has to be one of the most expensive, disposable books ever made. Created by JWT Brazil, this manual contains everything needed to grill your favorite cut of meat within it’s covers which are made of charcoal.  The promotional video below shows how the Bible of  Barbecue works with pages functioning from a fan, to a knife sharpening stone, to a salt shaker. The book itself is a wonderful piece of design, even if it exists only in small quantities or not at all. The video produced by JWT Brazil and Santa Transmedia, shows some really nice directing by Gustavo Gripe and Raul Krebs, with solid editing and sound design completing the spot. Frankly I hope this thing is for real. I’d love to have a copy for the design work alone, and yes, I would never use it the way they do in the video.

A Frankenstein Viral Promotion.

For the new Sky eries “Penny Dreadful” Beakus director Gergely Wootsch has created an animated short that features some really nice animation that takes inspiration from the origin ofMarry Shelly’s 1818 novel “Frankenstein”. The animation is dark, atmospheric, and captures the mood of the book. Matthew Sweet’s narration guides the viewer through the back story of the book, it’s origin, and aspects of the monster that many who haven’t  read the book, probably don’t know.  “Penny Dreadful” is a major drama series on Sky created by John Logan and starring Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Eva Green and Billie Piper. The animation was released as an exclusive on The Guardian.

Troublemaker’s Kindle Paperwhite, and The Making Of.

Amazon has been promoting it’s Paperwhite Kindle with some pretty fun advertising locally, but this spot for China is really fun. Below are two videos. The first features two separate spots for the device, the second is the making of video. I love watching the first one, but I am completely fascinated by the second which shows all the preproduction work that went into making these 30 second shorts. No stop motion, all live action and post production animation, with a ton of wire removal and painting out of specific sections of each frame. I have no idea how much time was spent in post on this but I’m pretty sure “quite a bit” is an understatement.

Plenty of Fox Life.

While trolling vimeo this snowy Sunday in December I came across the rebrand Plenty did for Fox and Fox Life’s Fox Life global image, the second most important channel of the group. Working with a bright color pallet, flat graphical images, snippets from their prime time line up edited in, and fluid motion graphics, Art Director: Pablo Alfieri & Elda Broglio, Animation Director: Mariano Farias, and crew have created a nice little promo spot that feels fresh. I’m seeing more and more of this style of work. Lets hope it catches on but doesn’t become as saturated as the sketchbook look that has dominated the design world for what seems like the last decade.