“Set Yourself Free” Is More Than Perfectly Adequate.

PSA’s for the most part are an in your face kind of thing that has little impact on the audience they are trying to reach. Sorry, it’s the truth. The conversion effectiveness for most PSA’s are relatively low coming in at about 5 % or less.


A recent PSA from Western Australian film production company Perfectly Adequate is taking a stab at getting teens to stop skipping school. “Set Yourself Free” which has landed more than 16 million views since the end of January is a short film tells the story of a group of teenagers who duck out of school for an eventful tryst on the beach. It is accompanied by the Learn for Life website which ads a level of credibility to the overall campaign. The video below is from the campaign and needs to be watched all the way through to get the full impact of the PSA. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Johnnie Walker | Glass Car PSA.

Most PSA’s about drinking and driving are pretty boring affairs, with heavy handed messages, lackluster visuals, and an occasional celebrity endorsement. In a move to get people to actually watch, listen, and hopefully think, Johnnie Walker has launched a 90 second spot  which is part of their responsible drinking initiative called “Join The Pact”.

The spot was directed by the Mill’s Russell Appleford, and features solid 3D FX work that is pretty hard to ignore. The voice over is a simple call to action reminding you that every action could mean the difference between getting home safe, or not at all. As the season of amateur hour drinkers begins this Thursday, do us all a favor and Join the Pact.

“The film acts as a reminder of the fragility of human life as it asks people to make the commitment to never drink and drive. Its release coincides with the final 2013 Formula One race in Brazil and end of year festivities around the globe.”

Agency: iris Worldwide, Singapore
Client: Ewan Topping – Global Marketing Manager Johnnie Walker Sponsorship
Regional Creative Director APAC: Grant Hunter
Director: Russell Appleford
Producer: Louise Oliver
3D: Russell Appleford
2D: Garrett Honn & Victor Perez
Editor: Peter Booth
Music and Sound Design: Echolab
Sound Mix: Rich Martin – Envy Post
Creative Group Head: Jonathan Cockett
Senior Creative: Shawn Foo
Creative: Lam Nasril
Planning Director: Paul Gage
Board Director: Hannah Dogger
Agency Producer: Prema Techinamurthi
Senior Account Executive: Cheryl Chan

Better Get the Goat.

I have no idea how you would have pitched this idea to the Canadian government, but I bet it was fun when they did. I hope they brought an actual goat to the client pitch, that would have been Mad Men worthy. Now with that said, this PSA for Injury Free Nova Scotia is pretty fun when you think about it. Not only that, it has a certain amount of staying power, and is just bizarre enough that it will probably generate buzz with young adults.