Ninjas vs Superbugs

I say this time and time again, just because you are making a stop motion animation, you don’t have to make it look like something from the 1950’s. Case in point, First Avenue’s animation for IBM, “Ninjas vs Superbugs”. It is a hand crafted stop motion piece using puppets. It is a solid blend of LoFi and current video techniques. It looks 21st century, and it uses old school methods to pull it off. Below is the finished piece, plus the behind the scenes video as well. Not only is it a great little animation, it teaches you something about nanotech and MRSA.

Planet Kids, Hand Puppet Invitations.

This is a fun little piece of printed work for Planet Kids, Bangalore’s leading playschool chain. Happy, wanted to create an invitation to announce their Annual Day celebrations. The invitation would be given to the students, and their parents, in order to create excitement about the annual event. Working with a tight budget, Happy created a simple hand puppet that could be printed on a single piece of A4 paper. 5 invites were created, each with it’s own unique character. This is such a fun and engaging solution that both children and parents can interact with.

Agency: Happy, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Kartik Iyer
Chief Creative Officer: Praveen Das
Creative Director: Carl Savio
Illustrator: Nalisha Chouraria
Art Director: Shatrughan R
Copywriter: Megha Ramesh