This morning while poking around the internet checking out the latest and greatest interactive design releases, I came across Quote.fm. Designed and built by Martin Wolf, Philipp Waldhauer, and Marcel Wichmann, The site creates a social network built around quotes that you have found on the internet and want to share with friends. In true social fashion, the site allows users to comment, recommend additional quotes, and pass your quotes on to others keeping fresh, relevant, reading material right at your fingertips.

I really like the clean functional design, and limited color pallet used here. The website look never over powers the main purpose of the site, or it’s content.

The site is currently in closed beta, but looks as though it will be open to the public soon.

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Quotes From Pogo Art and Design Boutique.

I am on some sort of poster kick this morning. While trolling the internets looking for design inspirations, I found another set of posters that I love. This set of posters designed by Pogo features quotes by philosophers,  authors, poets and an occasional proverb. The posters themselves show stunning examples of typography, color pallet, and layouts. The overall typographic layout for each of these is really wonderful, standing on its own aside from the actual quote.