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You Torpedoed My Kid!

I don’t have kids, but if I did I think I’d be getting them one of these.

The Torpedo by Jerry Koza is a toddlers dream with Formula One styling, and some serious aerodynamics. Made from a laminated shell that is attached to skateboard trucks and wheels these look bad ass. Now be prepared for some sticker shock. The Torpedo tips the scale at 783.00 Euro which equates to $1103.00 plus shipping, but hey your kid is worth it right? My favorite is the one in Gulf Racing colors.

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Go Faster.

Way back in January, I posted about a new book from Gelstalten about the history of race car graphics entitled “Go Faster”. This morning when I was out at he Gestalten site looking at some of the new book releases and such, I noticed that there was a video for the book. The film is narrated by the books author Sven Voelker, and runs just over 5 minutes in length. It has some great insight about the graphics applied to the cars and some amazing footage, both new and vintage of the race cars featured in the book.