Move It

One of the things about selling your house is making sure it looks good. Modular 4 isn’t in bad shape but it needed a few paint touch ups, and wall dings fixed. Thankfully after a full day of patching and painting things are ready to roll. The last thing to finish before the realtor preview is adding the front railing to the ramp out front. That happens the first of next week and should be done in one day.


Getting the house prepped really is all about the details. Over the last two weeks I’ve been looking at new properties that range from a house that is gutted to the studs, all the way up to a stunning loft that is move in ready. Between these two extremes there has been number of homes that while nice, looked dirty, unfinished, dingy, unprepared. Most of them need to be cleaned and or painted. I have to say, if you want your house to sell, make sure the beds are made before you show it. Oh and you might want to vacuum, and clean the kitchen. I can get past needing paint, but its hard to look past dirty.


I’ve always believed in leaving something in the same or better condition than when you got it. That’s why I spent the day painting, and I’ll spend tomorrow cleaning up the yard, basement, and taking care of any other small things that caught my attention. If you really want to sell your property, take the time to get it ready before it hits the MLS listings.