Soon and Igepa Recycle to Create a Fantasy World.

To promote their recycled paper line and the idea of recycling, Igepa Belux turned to the creative team at design firm Soon. Using old magazines, Soon transformed the pages into a bright colorful world of flowers, insects, and birds, giving the pages a second life.

The design team at Soon transformed magazines and print advertisements into three dimensional sculptures of flower arrangements, intricate insects, and voluminous greenery by cutting, folding, weaving, bending and gluing the materials and crafting them into a spectacular new world. The end result was a full color brochure, a behind the scenes video, and a series of prints, showing how the original materials had been transformed.


Ting, Recycled Belt Flooring.

I’ve always been attracted to reusing,or recycling a material or object to create something new and unique. A great example of this is the leather belt flooring created by Ting. Working with recycled belts, Ting creates bespoke flooring that is unique for each installation.

The luxury leather floors are created from hand selected leather belts and is available by the square foot. The material can also be used to cover table tops and walls alike. The composition for each tile or panel is carefully created in-house to assure the correct pattern and color balance for each installation. The panels are available in 12 and 18 inch square tiles, and if you outgrow your need for the flooring, Ting will recycle it for you.




I’m Flored

For the last 4 or 5 years we have used Flor carpet squares in our living room. Starting with the old house in Union Hill, and moving the carpet with us when we moved to Modular 4. I really like the idea of Flor carpet. You have endless patterns, colors and textures to choose from which extends your design options exponentially. And Flor recycles, so when I purchase a new rug set up, I can send the old tiles back in to be recycled. Flor is committed to the recycling program, encouraging participation so that none of their product ends up in a landfill. In addition Flor squares are made with varied degrees of renewable and recycled materials like 100% natural, un-dyed wool, and post-consumer waste like plastic soda and water bottles. In addition Flor squares are designed to be among the lowest VOC emitting products for residential flooring.

Last night as the sale on Flor was running out, we purchased a new 8 by 10 rug pattern for the living room. The tiles arrive next week, and when they do, I’ll be boxing up the old rug and sending it back in to Flor to be ground up and made into a new product. The new carpet, adds bit more coverage than the previous one, changes the color and pattern all together, and basically adds a fresh look to the existing room. One of the great things about Flor is the fact that I can change my mind as often as I want, and update as often as I want allowing us to keep things fresh when we get bored with the current look. I have to admit, that when we first moved we planned on swapping out the current rug, we just never got around to it. The goal now, is to change it out every 18 months.

One other thing that I didn’t realize until yesterday when I was digging around on the Flor website; Over 90% of Flor is manufactured in the U.S.A., which allows for better quality control and reduces Flor’s carbon footprint by limiting transportation costs in terms of manufacturing and delivery. I like that 90% plus is made here in America. Keep it local.

Coca-Cola’s 111 Navy Chair Project.

Chair manufacturer Emeco has teamed up with Coca-Cola to produce its classic Navy chair from 111 recycled plastic bottles. The collaboration represents Cokes effort to introduce more green strategies for the iconic brand, and allows Emeco to help develop new environmentally friendly technologies for manufacturing.

The 111 Navy chair is produced from a proprietary mix rPET Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate- recycled plastic bottles, and glass fiber which is added for extra strength which was developed in conjunction with BASF.

According to Coke the goal of the 111 Navy Chair project was to alter consumer behavior by illustrating the value of rPET plastic with beautifully designed products, which will ultimately encourage recycling.

Emeco uses a state of the art mold system to produce the new 111 Navy chair, which includes the original stretcher bar underneath the seat which assures authenticity to the original design structure, and enhances structural integrity.

The 111 Navy chair is available in 6 colors, 3 of which are color fast rated for out door use. Red, Snow, Flint Gray, Grass Green, Persimmon and Charcoal. (Snow, Flint and Red, can be used in outdoor situations) The chairs velvet finish is scratch resistant, and comes with a 5 year warranty like all Emeco products.

Coke estimates they can recycle up to 3 million bottles a year with the Emeco 111 Navy chair project.