Red Giant


Trapcode makes some of the best plugins in the world for After Effects. I can honestly say, that doing my job would be a hell of a lot more difficult without their suite of tools, that I use daily in After Effects, and Premier. The video below was commissioned by Trapcode to showcase new and existing plugins focusing specifically on Mir.

EXODUS, is an animated short film by director/designer Magnus Östergren of Potemkin. It has a stunning look to it. The score is fantastic, and it shows the true power of the Trapcode suite in action. While this animated short could have been made without their tools, I’m sure using them made Östergren’s workflow a whole lot easier, and I know that these tools made the finished look of this film what it is.

Music and visuals by Magnus Östergren
Production management by Thomas Oger
Produced by POTEMKIN
Commissioned by TRAPCODE

Apple, Seen Different.

This morning I saw this, and while I think it is a bit heavy handed when it comes to dealing with Apple, the animation and motion graphics work is really well done. This is a nice example of how to use “Sure Target” with kinetic type, and pre=composing  in After Effects.

Design and Animation:
Writer: Elmo Keep –

Production Company: Zapruder’s Other films