Remote Control

4 Year Old Sophie Drives the Volvo. (professional driver, closed course… Not)

Volvo trucks are back with a new round of YouTube based advertising. This time they have given up celebrity for a 4 year old girl driving a giant dump truck with a remote control. What’s the purpose of an ad? Be memorable in terms of both product and brand, sell the attributes of said product. What does this ad do? Nails it. This is one of the funnest YouTube commercials I have seen in a while. The kid is priceless, as well as some of the adults behind her. I would love to see a making of video on this. I’d love to know how many takes, and whether or not they went through multiple trucks to get this made. Great fun from Volvo. Judging by the almost 400,000 views since it dropped, I’d say this ad is a success.

So Cool, the “Mission Expedition Site” From Nat Geo.

National Geographic just launched a really cool interactive experience entitled Mission Expedition. From today through April 9, people can log on to the site between the hours of 2pm and 2am Eastern time and line up to control the strategically placed state-of-the-art telepresence cameras attached to a moving model train.

The robotic camera train, travels on a track that snakes throughout the miniature sets, and will allow viewers to drive and participate in a photo safari searching for tiny hidden artifacts within each location. As you drive through the site you have a chance to take home a piece of history. Participants will have up to a minute to navigate through the set and take a picture of what they feel is the most valuable artifact they come across.

If the image you capture ends up being one of the hidden artifacts of the day, you will be notified and the artifact will be delivered from the Mission Expedition set directly to the your home. Nearly 200 of the featured miniature artifacts are stand-ins for life-sized item and total more than $10K in value.

This is a great use of technology, user participation, gaming mechanics, and user interaction. Kudos to Nat Geo!