Shooting Wirelessly.

So a few days ago I received my shiny new wireless shutter release for the OMD EM-5. The reason for getting it was pretty straight forward. I want to be able to trip the shutter from a remote location so I don’t scare off the birds I want to get photos of. I have to say for the most part the RFN-4 does exactly what it is supposed to do (although the hummingbirds aren’t being very cooperative).

One issue I am having though involves black frames, especially if the camera is in rapid fire mode set to shoot at 9 frames per second. I’m not exactly sure what is going on. It almost feels as though the camera is out running the shutter release, recording data before the shutter can open but that doesn’t really make sense. This is probably a camera setting, and not the fault of the wireless rig.

For the most part the RFN-4 has worked really well. I’ve used it at a range of about 40 feet. There is a bit of a lag at times but nothing to bad, and it mostly happens when the receiver is coming out of standby mode, or the camera is waking up from sleep mode. The quality of the build is OK. The device is all plastic and the switches feel a bit flimsy at times, and for $70.00 I really did expect higher quality parts. Even though it feels a bit cheap this gets a thumbs up from me. It didn’t break the bank, and it preforms like it is supposed to. If you are an OMD EM-5 owner and you need a wireless release this is a good investment.