Riding Mower

I’ve Gone All “Suburban”.

This Thursday a riding lawn mower is getting delivered to my house. Yes I caved and bought a rider. After almost two years of pushing the Worx cordless electric around the yard, I finally gave up. The Worx does a great job, I just want something that is easier to use, and fits the size of my lawn.

I ended up getting a 42 inch Craftsman mower with an automatic transmission. I figure if I am gonna go all suburban on my urban lawn, I should get the automatic. And since the mower has a cup holder, having an automatic makes it easier for me to drink beer while mowing. (no shifting gears) I went with the Sears brand after doing some pretty solid research on quality, and who manufactures Craftsman mowers for Sears. The product is solid for the price, and the mower has a ton of attachments that are available for it. Things like a snow plow, which I will probably buy this fall before winter sets in. Yes I am tired of shoveling snow, and a snow plow blade is cheaper than a snow blower.

Next Friday or Saturday I’ll post a first impressions review of the mower, and the mulching kit.

It Aint Easy Being Green.

This is not the Worx electric push mower. It's just a retro looking rider, that I like the styling of.

I am moving in to the second summer of mowing my ginormous lot here at Modular 4. And for the last two years I have tried really hard to be environmentally conscious with my Worx electric mower, but the time has come for me to throw in the towel. Mowing a 97 by 297 tract of land with a heavy battery-powered mower is killing me.

It’s not that the Worx is a bad mower, in fact it’s great. It’s just too much for me to push around this huge lot, so I have decided to get a riding mower. This weekend the Worx gets cleaned up, the blade gets sharpened, and it goes on Craig’s list. And no, I won’t be buying an electric riding mower. I’ll be getting a small lawn tractor that is capable of mowing a lawn as big as mine, and hopefully with a snow blade attachment clear my drive in the winter.

I hate to see the Worx go. After 100 or so lawn mowing sessions over the last two years I have formed a bond with it. I like how quiet it is. I like how it does such a great job mulching the grass. I just hate pushing it over 28,000 square feet of grass every five days. I’m older now, I deserve a break. I want a mower with a cup holder, and a matching hat. Yes I am gonna be that guy in the neighborhood, and I’m OK with it. Now I just have to decide on a brand and a price range. I don’t need a big John Deere, and I don’t want the tiny Weed Eater brand. Just a nice middle of the road rider, that runs on gas and gets the job done. Maybe I should look for a vintage 1960’s John Deere lawn tractor, now that would be pretty kick ass.