Robert Dabi

Ziiiro Eclipse.

I’m a watch guy. I like the design of a nice timepiece, and I like the direct functional usefulness of what a watch is and does. Well I suppose I should say what it did, since the smartwatch is supposedly going to change everything. Actually I’m sticking with the original statement. I like what my analog watches do, and no smartwatch will ever get me to switch.


Designer Robert Dabi has created a new time piece for Ziiiro called the “Eclipse”. Based on the natural phenomenon it is named after, the minimalist watch uses a patented Swiss “Super-Luminova Pigment” to illuminate the watch face and dial to allow for high visibility both day and night. This watch glows in the dark with sufficient activation by sunlight or artificial light and the technology allows for longer luminosity on a full charge.

Eclipse comes in a variety of options including a rose gold version, although at $219.00 I can tell you it’s not solid gold, but rather gold-plated. None the less all versions of the watch, do one thing. They present you with the time of day, which is what a watch is supposed to do right?