Roger Federer

Jura Signature Espresso Machines.

When it comes to home espresso machines, Jura is at the top of the list when it comes to quality, and execution, This morning I discovered that Jura has released the Signature line of espresso machines, and now I am lusting for one. (I need to make more money)

The limited edition Jura Signature line is handcrafted with high end materials like Colombian walnut, Northern Birch, Leather, Rhodium/Crystals. The materials match defined lines and are paired with features that Jura machines are known for. And if you are a tennis fan, there is a  Roger Federer Edition as well.

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“The uplands of Colombia are home to a rare variety of walnut which is renowned particularly for its even growth and the structure of its wood, which is very similar to that of the domestic birch. This is the reason why botanists often refer to the Colombian walnut as the night birch.

Only trees that have been felled after suffering unusual damage – through storms, for example – may be sold. Strict regulations make its sale highly complex and expensive.

In order to create and preserve the wood’s familiar black colouration, the Colombian walnut veneer is specially prepared. To achieve the desired effect, our specialists use natural sunlight and expose the wood to controlled doses of UV radiation. Only then can the wood be used to beautify the front panel of the coffee machine.

The last stage in the process is the hand polishing of the 15 coats of high-gloss lacquer

From the Jura Site.