A Good Day To Die Hard. The Infographics.

The latest segment in the “Die Hard” series has hit theaters and to celebrate the explosive event, RSA has put together a few infographics. The images below chronicle what was blown up, punched, broken destroyed, hurt, vanquished, saved, rescued, and said, along with the cost to insure John McClane. I like these because they are not only packed with fun facts, but because they are really well designed with solid layouts and a nice graphical style.

Die Hard infographicdie_hard_2_infoDie Hard insurance infographic


Animated Capitalism, Keeps the Explanation Brilliantly Simple.

First off, I want to say up front, I am neither a Marxist, Communist, or Socialist, so don’t send me a bunch of hate mail or slamming comments because you disagree with the content of this post. The reason I say this is, the video below features sociologist David Harvey, who is a Marxist.

Now the reason I am posting this is two-fold. First off the animation is great. If you are going to give a presentation, on a topic as boring as “The Problem With Capitalism”, you better make it interesting, and that is what is done here. No David Harvey is not doing the drawing or animating the piece, but he is using it quite well to his advantage. Harvey’s lecture was presented to the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) in London. His talk is all about explaining the recent financial crisis, as a failure of capitalism and something that warrants deeper exploration, at least from his Marxist perspective.

The second reason I am posting this is, even if you don’t agree with his perspectives, you have to admit the guy does a really great job at explaining the history, and fundamentals of certain aspects of capitalism. You actually learn what part of the current financial problem is, and how we might have gotten here.

Now what I want to know is this, was the drawing on the whiteboard done real-time and filmed, then animated and composited later, or was it all done after the fact, timed to his lecture? Either way, the results are visually fantastic.

Click Image To Play.