Running Dogs

The Guardian asks, “Shouldn’t your run be this much fun?”

Just under two months ago the Guardian launched a new campaign for their Life & Style site. The camping focuses on running and is built around a series of images of dogs tied to the question “Shouldn’t your run be this much fun”. Visually this is a home run as far as I’m concerned  It’s hard for anyone to not stop and look at a photo of a dog that is completely happy beyond belief.

guardian 2

Produced by BBH for the Guardian, the ads create a winning approach in a crowded market place by considering why we run in the first place rather than bombard readers with facts and figures. They also made a bold move by stepping away from pro-athlete endorsements or by claiming to be the authority on running. Instead they simply imply that running could make you this happy, and tie it to a well informed website that hosts a stream of running content with light social hooks for engagement.


guardian 3