San Francisco

popuphood in Oakland California.

For years Oakland California has been considered the arm pit of the San Francisco Bay area to spite the fact that it has a thriving  bar and restaurant scene, and affordable housing. To help combat this image, popuphood was launched in December of 2011 by Alfonso Dominquez and Sarah Filley. The objective was to help encourage urban renewal in Oakland by filling five previously vacant store fronts in Old Oakland with five new retail shops, including a jewellers and art gallery.

The project’s primary focus is to support the local Oakland community, providing them with a vibrant shopping area giving local artists, designers and retailers the opportunity to open their own store for six months, rent free. The hope is that by building cross sector partnerships with local and federal governments, the economic development council, and private businesses popuphood will help develop a dynamic and vibrant community.

The video below explains popuphood in more detail: